Sell your tickets on your own app

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Specially designed for your business

Why should I use my own app?

Is it expensive?

Run our comparison calculator and find out how much you can save...

Own your Clients

The ticketing company you use now takes ownership of your clients data. Shouldn’t it be exclusively yours?

Worried about security?

We've got you covered!

Fatima Beattie

Deputy Director General

IP Australia

YourTicketApp have at all times displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity in their dealings with us.

Darryn Smith



The Shuber team is extremely pleased with the app YourTicketApp designed for our business.

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Why not buy a ticket and treat yourself to a movie while you're at it!

Own your Clients

When you sell a tickets through a large ticketing company, they add your clients information to their own database and use it to remarket to your clients about their other client's events. Is that what you want to sign up to?

1. Sell Tickets

Your clients buy your tickets on your custom ticketing app

2. Own Your Clients

You own the client info in your app, you don't transfer ownership to the ticketing company

3. FREE Remarketing

You can remarket to your clients via push notifications and text messages through your app or via an email campaign

4. You Control The Money

It's your money, it goes directly into your account. You don't have to wait until your event is over to get your money

5. Capture Details of Attendees

Ability to capture the details of all attendees to your events by using the share feature, e.g. the table leader buys a table of 10 and then shares the tickets they bought with their guests. As a result, the event organisers capture profile details about all attendees.


Stop spending your marketing time and money so that the ticketing company  can leverage off your effort to remarket your competitors events to your clients

Low Cost

Lower fees than EventBrite on a comparable plan

YourTicketApp is a full percent lower than EventBrite on  the Professional plan which also provides the capability to transact tickets sales on your own website and customisable checkout forms



Your Own Branded App

Your very own web ticketing capability, together with a mobile phone app branded for your business

Stop promoting the ticketing company

Promote your own business and brand on your own app. Don’t send your clients to the ticketing company’s website 

Build a relationship with your clients

Get to know your clients and build trust with them by directly communicating with them about events they’re interested in. Don’t spam them like the big ticketing company's do


Start promoting your own brand exclusively

Worried About Security? Fear Not!

Your Ticket App is built and hosted on industry best practice security systems.

Your Client's privacy is paramount to us

All data is held on secure Amazon AWS infrastructure in Sydney. The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy

Backed by the Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry

Built, Supplied and Serviced by the uniDap team, who have over 15 years experience suppling solutions to government, charities and businesses large and small all around the world


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Simple to Use

It can be an all in-app experience for your clients - no email - no printing. Use our mobile in-app redemption feature

Fast Cash

Ticket sales directly into your Stripe account. Payouts of your account balance can be made daily, for payments processed 2 business days prior. Eg: Payments received on Tuesday can be paid out by Thursday

API Integration

We can integrate to your website to display your events automatically.

Customisation price quote required

Save Time

Simple, intuitive web app to manage your events. Talk to us about a custom feed to upload your events automatically


Ticket redemption done in the app at the event - it's quick and easy

Online Ticket Sales

If downloading an app is a barrier for your customers, there's an online ticket sale and print ticket feature available

Save Money

Lower fees than the leading ticketing platforms. The money stays in Australia and there's more in your pocket


Clients can share tickets with friends and family by phone using the app

Ticket Sales Report

Print your ticket sales report to mark off attendees manually if you don't want to use the in-app redemption feature


YourTicketApp is licensed and sold by YourApp Pty Ltd

YourApp Pty Ltd

YourApp is a fast growing, award winning Information technology and app company, wholly Australian owned and based in Brisbane

Level 4, 196 Wharf St

Spring Hill, QLD 4000