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YourTicketApp is an Australian event ticketing company based in Brisbane, Queensland, with significant industry experience in ticketing in the United States. We are a relatively new player in the ticketing market, we have invested significantly in technology so that our service does not suffer the outages and security breaches that the current market leaders suffer. We are an Australian primary ticket outlet that contracts directly with venues and promoters to sell event tickets on their behalf using our YourTicketApp ticketing platform. Our clients control their events, and YourTicketApp acts as their agent selling tickets that the clients make available to them. As part of our service offering we provide a dedicated customer help desk throughout Australia.

Our technology also allows promoters to book venues and events where they can neither rely on the internet service at the venue and/or where ticket scanners or barcode readers for validating tickets are not available. The tickets instead are redeemed using the functionality on the customer’s smartphone only in front of an attendant at the gate. Customers can browse, buy and have their tickets delivered to their mobile phone, where they can also redistribute these tickets to other members of their family or to friends onto each of their respective mobile phones before they reach the venue. This allows event goers to arrive at different times, it also allows the account holder to recall a distributed ticket if an event goer can no longer attend then redistribute it to another family member or friend.

We also offer our clients the option to have their own client apps with our ticketing service built in so that they can be focused on promoting their own brand to their own customers rather than unnecessarily promoting the ticketing company’s brand. One of our key focus areas is to design the customer interface so that it is very simple to use, hard to accidentally make mistakes when buying tickets on smart devices due to issues such as screen size, fat thumbs, or constrained layouts. We know from our experience in ticketing that this approach will generate a low incident rate of help desk calls from our customer’s clients during the buying process. As a result, YourTicketApp is happy to pass on these savings and offer affordable booking service fees even on low cost events.

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