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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

yourTicket App is the engine-room for a number of Apps that sell Movie Tickets, Event Tickets and Products. If you're here, it's likely that you're using one of those now!

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SammyB Tickets
Caloundra Film Festival
Sunshine Coast Surf Film Festival
Brisbane Surf Film Festival

Tickets are issued through the app and redeemable using your mobile phone. You can also distribute your tickets to movies and events you have purchased online to family and friends.

If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please either call us, or email via the Contact Us page and we'll get back to you quickly.

I can't install the app

  1. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet

  2. Ensure your phone's software is up to date

  3. Note that older phones may not be supported

  4. If you still can't install the app, please contact support...

I can't log into the app

  1. Ensure you have created an account. If not, click the menu in the top right and then click the 'Register' button:​

  2.  Ensure your app is on the latest version

  3. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet

  4. Ensure your username and password are correct. If you've forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot Password' button

  5. If you still can't log in, contact support...

I get an error message trying to view events

  1. Log out and back in again

  2. If you still get the error then contact support...

I can't see any movies or events in the app

  1. Ensure your app is up to date

  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet

  3. If you still can't see any movies or events, please contact support...

I want to buy tickets but it says please buy at the door

  1. Some tickets are not available to buy online or through the app. You need to buy them at the Cinema.

  2. If the movie/event session time commences within the hour it will no longer be available to buy online.

I’m trying to pay for my tickets but it doesn’t work

  1. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet.

  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the app.

  3. Ensure your credit card details are correct.

  4. If still unsuccessful, please contact support...

Where are the tickets I bought?

  1. Ensure you're logged into the app

  2. Click the menu button in the top left of the home screen:

  3. If you're presented with the login screen, please log in.

  4. If you're presented with a menu, then click the 'My Tickets' option and you will be taken to your tickets in the app.

I accidentally redeemed my tickets, what do I do?

  1. Take your phone to the Venue prior to the movie/event start time and explain what happened and present your redeemed tickets in the app to the event staff.

  2. Your redeemed tickets will be displayed in 'My Tickets' with a redeemed ribbon through it.

I bought tickets for the wrong session, what do I do?

  1. Go to the menu and click on 'Support'.

  2. ​Prior to the session you purchased commences, take your phone to the cinema counter and explain what happened.

How do I share a ticket?

  1. Ensure you're logged into the app

  2. Select the ticket you want to share. Go to 'My Tickets' and tap the tickets you want to share.

  3. Select the ticket you want to share and click the 'Share Ticket' button in the top right.

  4. Choose to share the ticket via the persons phone or email.

  5. Enter the persons name and email address or mobile number and tap the 'Share Now' button.

  6. The person you've shared the ticket with will receive a 6 letter claim code.

  7. ​They will need to have downloaded the app and created an account first, then go to the menu and select 'Claim Ticket'.

Someone shared a ticket with me, how do I claim it?

  1. Ensure you're logged into the app

  2. Click the menu in the top left corner of the app home page

  3. Click on the 'Claim Ticket' menu option

  4. Enter the 6 letter claim code that was sent to you via text or email and click the 'Claim Ticket' button. If you can't find your claim code, please contact the person who shared the ticket with you and share the code with you.

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